UCI World Cup #6, Bromont CAN, 02.08.2009

02. August 2009 23:18

UCI World Cup #6, Bromont CAN, 02.08.2009

41st position

And it was raining again...

The World Cup race in Bromont was my 5th race in a row in unlikeable weather conditions with pouring rain, transforming a race course into a muddy clayey slippery horrible survival course!

While I had felt o.k. in the first lap when still sitting in the leading group, soon enough things would have changed quiet a bit for me. First technical problems arose at the same time as the first signs of fatigue. All the running in the last races had afflicted more and more damage to my back, by now it was completely blocked that I could barely neighter stay on my bike nor run or walk anymore. 

The situation went from bad to worse, more technical problems, more pain... but I nevertheless wanted to fight this battle to its very end. Finishing 41st is no brilliant feat, but I know I have given my all in this race.

Today's racing was so exhausting, I hurt my body so bad that I have no idea how I will recover from this. I need a break.