My new website is ready!

04. April 2009 15:23

My new website is ready!

My re-designed website is (finally, yes I know!) online!

Dear All!

After many and many hours of work - and a bit delayed - I proudly present my new internet presence on!

My new website will provide all latest information about my racing and all kinds of other activities with my new Cannondale Factory Team; in the RSS-featured news section personal race reports and latest news from Cannondale should come along with constantly updated race results and photographs.

In "photos" you find the official Cannondale Factory Team photographs as well as some pictures of the “olden days” covering almost my entire cycling career. In fact, last days' fishing in my personal photo archive felt like re-living the very highlights of my career!

Some of you will be surprised by the fact that my website is mainly kept in English. Well, English is the spoken language in mountain biking and I am sure everybody will be able to follow; I hope you don’t mind! Having said that, don't wonder if you'll find news articles on my website in Dutch, German or Italian as well! ;-)

The download area is intended for media representatives and sponsors who need to have higher resolution pictures for their articles and publications.

Since I am spending most of my time somewhere around the world and so leaving my family, friends and fans behind all the time, I wanted my website to become not only a regular athlete's web presence but a kind of a real personal diary. You'll figure that out as soon as you have a look at the short, most of them self-made movies in the "videos" section. They are just funny stories that don’t have to be taken too serious!

As part of my diary, I thought of embedding Twitter on my website. Like this also the ones among you not using Twitter, yet, will be able to follow my activities in those short notices directly on my website. Please don't mind my spelling and grammar mistakes! They can easily occur with the all the fuss of an athlete’s life!