UCI World Cup #1, Pietermaritzburg RSA, 11.04.2009 - 2

11. April 2009 23:46

UCI World Cup #1, Pietermaritzburg RSA, 11.04.2009 - 2

Happy with my 9th position! (to start with...)

Today I finished 9th in this season's first World Cup race, with 33 km on 7 laps, and to be honest... I am really happy with this result!

After not terminating past year’s last World Cup round behind the finish line, but in Schladming’s hospital, I had slipped off in the overall ranking; like this, in this South African opener I got number 22 and was standing in 3rd row. When the starter’s gun went off, I obviously wasn’t able to make such a good start as I normally am capable of making; it was a bit more chaotic, some guys were crashing and so I completed the first lap in 20th – 25th position only.

I felt really good on the bike, but in the same time I knew - with a physically demanding course like this with its short steep climbs -, I had to ride my own pace, keep my power under control and play this game smart. I moved up position by position, always stayed clear in the head and made no riding mistakes.

Altogether I must say that things are progressing; I have no digestion problems anymore and during the race I could drink normal and enough again. I feel really good on the bike again and my legs are turning better and better!