The Torpado Nearco 27.5" is "Cape Epic approved"!

08. April 2013 21:30

The Torpado Nearco 27.5" is "Cape Epic approved"!

The Nearco 27.5” has brilliantly passed the extremely demanding test represented by the world's biggest mountain bike stage race, the Absa Cape Epic, and enters the World's top ten!


Yader Zoli & Roel Paulissen, who have returned from Cape Town about a week ago, are enthusiastic and eager to talk about their extraordinary “Cape Epic” experience.




Michele Leonardi, owner of Leonardi Racing, and Team Torpado technical assistant in this adventure: “It was my first experience in a stage race. We worked from dawn to dusk for the entire 7 days. I assembled and disassembled the bikes, cleaned the sheaths, cables and brakes due to the sand sneaking inside everything. I was surprised by Nearco's frame: it did not move an inch, despite the several kilometers ridden on such harsh terrain, and all the components also performed greatly. In certain contexts the Nearco 27,5” dual suspension had the edge, but the Front, lighter and more responsive, was the best option, especially in fast single tracks”.



Yader Zoli: “All 7 days very really intense, raced at a very high level, where challenges were overcome together. The Cape Epic is a very difficult race, peculiar, extreme in all ways: in Europe we do not have courses with sand, dust, gravel and rocks such as this one. That's why in certain situations a fully would have been perfect, while in others it would have been penalized. It was a choice between a full suspension or hardtail bike. The greatest satisfaction has been bringing my project, the Nearco 27.5”, to Cape Epic and achieving great results. This is a great thing! I thank all my sponsors (Torpado, Surfingshop, Frm, Rubena, Sixs, Leonardi, J-nrg, Formula & Fi'zi:k”), in particular Torpado which for its support and for believing in me: it is demanding for a brand to be present, but Cape Epic is a top appointment of the MTB season”.

Roel Paulissen
(who won the Cape Epic in 2008 and 2005, 2nd in 2007): “Compared to the previous editions, this year's course was more rocky, rough and bumpy, with several single tracks dug up by hand. The Nearco performed great: we won two intermediate sprints also thanks to this bike's features: it has better sprinting capabilities than the 29”. Even when riding up hard and steep climbs the 27.5”'s advantages were evident. I am quite satisfied with the result: we reached our objective, also taking into account that in the first stages Yader was not feeling very well, but was then able to recover. Next year I would not make any changes for what regards the partner or the bike”.


PR Torpado