The "RH Racing" Bike Shop

07. June 2011 18:07

The "RH Racing" Bike Shop

We're happy to announce the opening of our bike shop!

It's been years that my friend and former Italian teammate Hannes Pallhuber and I were hugging the idea of opening a small bike shop over here in the Italian Alps, where I am living now already for a while. 

And here we are now! I am delighted to announce the opening of my/our "RH Racing Bike Shop" here in Antholz/Anterselva, Italy. It's a small but nice bike shop and we are happy to do what we love to do: to share our knowledge and know-how with our friends and customer and of course, to work on bikes!

You find us here, yes, quite up in the mountains... but if you're around, would be great if you came by and visited us!